What Financial Inclusion Really Means: Total Inclusivity

The Economic Times Fiancial Inclusion Summit
Deliberated on the need and scope of financial inclusion in the arena of indian banking and finance.

Bringing Financial Inclusion To India

Jitender Singh
Founder & CEO, Starfin India Pvt Ltd

What was the idea behind the launch of Starfin India and what prompted you to make a foray into the banking services?
Financial Inclusion has started spreading in India after its success in other parts of the world and we decided to be a part of it. We applied with SBI to become Business Correspondent and got the contract signed in 2011.

Award Winning Movement

Excellence Award for covering Rural Unbanked Villages in Global Conference on Financial Inclusion & Payment System by Minister of State for Finance Jesudasu Seelam on 25th October 2013 at Eros Hilton

The Hindu Business Line

Cash teansfers may attract e-criminals, warn experts

transaction of cash over technological means is music to underworld by and large hinges on this. The ambitious cash transfer scheme introduced by the would soon be a new target for attack by e-fraudsters, Lack of bandwidth too, could pose glitches such as denial of service.

The Economic Times

Cashing in on banking in rural areas.

Financial services was not his first choice for an enterprise, but after much job-hopping and soul searching, Jitender Singh, 35, has found his niche. His company StarFin facilitates online and real-time cash deposits, withdrawals, and transfers form urban to rural population in 7 Lakh unbanked villages. Thought he has limited his operations to north India, he has already helped open 50,000 bank accounts in 200 villages, dotting western Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Rejastan

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Facilitating financial transactions in north Indian villages.